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TTC Dean Word

Dear visitors of our college over the internet greetings of love, respect and welcome.
The Southern Technical University felt that it should play a role in multidisciplinary education. This university sought approval for the development of the College in the 2014 academic year. We are working in this Youth Foundation College, which is one of the latest institutions of the Southern Technical University. We are working hard to establish a College with a high level of education with highly qualifications teaching staff, who is in line with the global development in higher education and scientific research. The College has ambitious plans to adopt the best modern methods of education, create distinguished research centers, and establish a relationship of cooperation and knowledge exchange with the relevant colleges.at the end of this speech, I am pleased to congratulate the students of the college on their belonging to this scientific edifice, and tug on his hand and recommend them to make the science and knowledge of their way In this  life, and assure them that the ThiQar Technical College and its faculty members, employees and College Admiration are making the utmost effort to provide the educational milieu is suitable for college students in order to achieve the highest the first batch of students in the school year 2014 and today is the first batch graduated in 2018.


Assist. Prof. Dr.Baqer Turki Attieh Al -Lami

Dean of ThiQar Technical College


The College was established in 2014 and occupies an area of ​​(10) acres of land located northeast of the city of ThiQar (Al-Nasiriyah) On the highway near the Alesslahy Prison.

Study periods

The duration of study in ThiQar Technical College is four years for high school graduates and three years for the graduates of the institutes for the same departments in college. The study includes theoretical and practical aspects, with the practical side constituting 40% of the credits for most of the subjects.

Study fields

There are two major study fields, graduates are given the certificate of BSc. in Engineering,  Accounting Techniques after four years of study. The study fields are:

1- Electromechanical Systems Techniques Department.
2-Accounting Techniques Department.