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The college was founded in 2014 and is located northeast of the city of Nasiriyah on the highway. Initially, the college included a Department of Accounting Technologies, and then a Department of Electro-Mechanical Systems Technologies was established in 2018
There are two main academic fields in the college, where graduates are awarded a bachelor’s degree, in accounting and engineering technologies after four years of study

Graduating qualified and specialized scientific and practical personnel in financial and accounting matters

Providing graduates with information, systems, and practical methods in the field of specialization

Contributing to scientific conferences and seminars

Organizing training courses for employees of government departments and various segments of society

Contributing to the development of the region through scientific consulting in administrative fields

Preparing specialized engineers proficient in the field of electromechanical engineering, capable of developing their skills in engineering knowledge areas and mastering the use of applications in specialized electromechanical design and usage of related services

 Working on producing engineers in a collaborative work environment, enhancing communication with local and international engineering and scientific institutions and universities, within the framework of professional and ethical responsibility 

Fostering leadership spirit among students and preparing them for their roles post-graduation

 Providing governmental and private sector institutions with specialists, experts, consultants, and scientists, along with supporting scientific research centers and engineering projects with distinguished scientific personnel

Working on developing and enhancing the efficiency and performance of academic and administrative faculty members, enabling them to utilize the latest scientific methods, as well as optimizing the department’s facilities and capabilities to keep pace with scientific developments and fostering qualitative cooperation with international universities, directing them to serve the community and state institutions


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