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Mawj Abbas Jasim

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About The Department

To be the leading center for technical accounting education in Iraq.

To improve the financial and accounting techniques and to provide the labor market with graduates in the field of accounting, auditing, finance and investment. They have the academic and technical knowledge, abilities and skills and have moral values that enable them to face the challenges posed by the changing global business environment through the preparation of research and the creation of accounting and financial programs on the computer Establishing an effective relationship with the business and professional environment through working in the departments, institutions, accounting, auditing, supervision, finance, insurance, banking, investment.

1-Graduation of qualified scientific and practical cadres specialized in financial and accounting matters.

2-Providing graduates with information, systems and methods applied in the field of specialization.
3-Contribution to scientific conferences and seminars.
4-Organizing training courses for employees of the State Departments and the segments of society.
5-Contribute to the development of the region through scientific consultations in the administrative fields.