Students affairs

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About the Student Affairs Division

The Student Affairs Department at the Technical College of ThiQar is one of the basic and important units in it. It accomplishes several tasks, including the following:

1 – Registration of students admitted at the beginning of the academic year according to the acceptance of the Central.

2 – follow-up students’ villas.

3 – Divided students into scientific sections.

4- Completion of students’ identities.

5 – Work the support of students and answer the university mail.

6 – Follow-up program of counterfeit students.

7 – Enter all student holdings on the calculator through the (Skinner).

8. Add a database records for a students at all levels of study.

9 – Completion of transport transactions and re-nomination in the colleges of the Commission.

10 – keeping records for students of the college and for all stages of the study, and the work of statistics for them by housing, sex, conservation … etc.

11 – Issuing the postponement orders and the absence of the absence of registration.